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DevOps as a Service


DevOps integrates development team and operations teams, in order to improve collaboration, communication and productivity, by automating workflows, infrastructure and continuously measuring application performance and quality. The main goal of DevOps is to improve code quality, integrate continuously, and deliver faster.

In today's Agile environment our teams Co-ordination and Continuous Integration of processes are one of the most critical factors that help enterprises operate and succeed. Kraftic provide 'DevOps as a Service' offering to enable automation of end-to-end delivery processes.

Kraftic’ s “DevOps as a Service” help enterprises in bridging the organizational gaps, by automating and integrating process of Develop > QA > Build > Test > Deploy > Monitor > Support resulting in faster releases with best quality.



Why Kraftic for DevOps?

Our talented team of DevOps experts includes the best talents individuals from various IT silos who work hard to achieve the objective. This Kraftic team comprises of DevOps Specialists, Agile Masters, Systems Architects, System & Database Administrators, Quality Assurance Managers, Automation Experts in Build / Release / Deployment Cycles.

Kraftic is an experienced DevOps service provider with critical expertise in some leading DevOps tools, such as Docker , Jenkins, CI Server , Bamboo, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, Packer, JIRA etc.


Our offerings in DevOps as a Service includes:

  • Assessments and strategy planning
  • Automate Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment process
  • Configuration Management Services to Automated infrastructure
  • Setting up continuous Monitoring and Log Analysis Systems
  • Training and consulting services




DevOps as a Service

About Kraftic

Kraftic is a growing team of passionate people who love solving technology challenges and have a proven track-record of partnering with customers for success with Web, Mobile and Integrated Applications based Product Development.

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