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Silicon Valley Forum (SVForum) is the largest and oldest not-for-profit organization in Silicon Valley. We function as a center of knowledge and connections in Silicon Valley (from San Francisco to San Jose) - on anything from the latest tech trends to the startup and investment ecosystem.

For over 30 years we have fostered innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership within the Silicon Valley network of individuals and businesses participating in emerging technologies. We do this by: creating connections and community, providing education and access to resources, linking the global business, tech and startup communities to Silicon Valley, and facilitating the exchange of unbiased knowledge, insights and best practices.

In addition to our dedicated staff, we are supported by an outstanding, experienced and committed Board. We also work closely with a team of knowledgeable and passionate experts to run our different Focus Areas, which cover the hottest tech, startup, and VC topics.

  • Date Published: 01/30/2016
  • Categories: Drupal, IOS, Android
  • Client: Silicon Valley Forum

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